Koh Phangan Villas & Apartments


Want a Koh Phangan Apartment or Villa by the Bay with 3-4 Bedrooms?

If you’ve ever dreamed about fantastic views of the ocean so you can enjoy the outside and the sunsets without losing the comfort of indoor living then living in the Bay Villas & Apartments might be the thing for you. These slightly elevated properties overlook the shores of Haad Salad beach in the north-west coast of Koh Phangan

Our grandiose accommodation is accentuated not just by luscious nature but also sleek modern amenities such as its own infinity pool with soft furnishings to set the ambiance for couples, families or even just group of friends.

Apart from elevation, the modern design greatly connects with the tropical nature so it has high ceilings and full height windows to help welcome a healthy dose of daylight giving you a sense of an open flowing space. The entire area is situated within 200 or 360 sqm of indoor and outdoor options with amenities ranging from dining room and lounge, bedrooms with bathrooms, the kitchen and an integrated space for entertainment and relaxing.

The modern tropical designs are open and bright with high ceilings and doors that open fully onto deep covered terraces with infinity swimming pools, outdoor living and dining areas, offering either 200 or 360 sqm of an indoor / outdoor lifestyle space.

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Koh Phangan Villas & Apartments, Thailand


While it’s true that you get the most optimized view of the ocean and daily sunsets with those windows, we made sure that your privacy will never be breached at any time. It overlooks the gulf of Thailand and beyond but your protection is also our concern. At night, you can even be awed by distant lights of local fishing boats. The Bay Villas merges both minimalist contemporary themes and tropical designs not to off-put anyone from either side of the spectrum who loves their tropical fix and contemporary minimalism.

You can choose between 3 or 4 bed room designs with enough room not just for regular company but unexpected guests.

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Villas for sale in Koh Phangan

3 Bedroom Villa – Haad Salad



Situated on the west coast of the island is this lovely modern three bedroom villa with ocean views. The nearest beach is a mere 10-minute walk.

The roof sala gives breathtaking views as you overlook the bay of Haad Salad. Making a property even more beautiful are the surrounding tropical flowers, trees, and fruits.

Haad Salad is extremely picturesque with its unspoiled, soft white sand beaches, and stands of coconut trees. The crystal clear waters with their tropical fish in a myriad of colors offer some of the best snorkeling on the island. At sunset, the bay is quite lovely and under the moon, offers a site that is unforgettable.

There is an excellent selection of restaurants, bars, cafés, and shops in the local village.


The property on which this villa sits is 1200 m², which would allow you to add an additional gas house for either rental purposes or private use.



Sales Price: ฿7,500,000





This two-bedroom unit is newly built in a modern style. It offers complete ocean views as it overlooks Koh Samui. It is located conveniently near Thongsala, with all the amenities you need, and the beautiful beaches of Ban Tai are close by.

The open-plan living area of this three-story villa has Western finishings and has a natural bright finish. The ground floor has an open-plan kitchen, the living area, and a dining area outdoors.


Sales Price from: ฿8,800,000


This villa has a wonderful location, only five-minutes from Wok Tum and its’ beautiful beaches. It was built only three years ago and is well furnished. Thongsala is a drive of less than 10 minutes where you will find many amenities. The villa has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a large living room, and a modern kitchen that is fully equipped. There is also an outdoor terrace.
There is a concrete road giving you access to the villa; the infrastructure has electricity, Wi-Fi, and government water.
The property is available to rent on either a long or short term lease, starting on 5 October 2014.

Sales Price: ฿7,500,000

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3 BEDROOM VILLA – Haad Salad


Located in Haad Salad, is this newly renovated and spacious modern villa. It would be perfect as a rental investment or to be used as a holiday home.
It has a spacious open plan kitchen/dining/living area that leads to a large balcony.
This villa is perfect for those who wish to entertain or dine outdoors, while having the enjoyment of magnificent sunsets which can be seen from this side of the island.
From the master bedroom with bathroom en suite you can reach the balcony which overlooks over the Bay of Haad Salad. You can also see Koh Samui across the ocean from here. There are also two other bedrooms.
With just a five-minute drive, you can reach Haad Salad, which is the closest beach. Just a few minutes more and you can be at Haad Yao. The old fishing town of Chaloklum is five minutes away; there are many international and local restaurants and bars at this location. A 10-minute drive on the West Coast Rd., with its spectacular views, will bring you to the main port town of Thong Sala. The villa has tropical gardens, which have been landscaped, and there is available, parking for two cars under the structure.
For those who seek a piece of paradise where they can unwind, this is the place.

Sales Price: ฿6,000,000

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What’s new in Phangan right now?

one of the luxury villas in Haad Salad Koh Phangan

one of the luxury villas in Haad Salad Koh Phangan

What is new in Koh Phangan?
Land-wise, Thong Lang Retreat is the most interesting opportunity in our view – private, secluded, with intrastructure, and with amazing sunset sea views, it is a superb site, perfect to build your home or holiday villa.
There’s also some great waterfront land in the NW just now – land like this doesn’t come up for sale very often, especially with no neighbours except Tor Bor Ha government protected land along the perimeter.
Haad Salad is still the pick of the luxury villa market, also Haad Tien.
There is a lot of construction around Thong Sala – mainly gearing for the longer term lettings market, but are on flat land without sea views, and hence are much cheaper houses / villas / real estate.
Click here to see current villas on offer

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Land on Koh Phangan

How many rai is an appropriate amount for land on Koh Phangan

In order to understand how many rai is likely to be suitable and ideal for you and the property you are hoping to build, you first need some perception of how large a rai is. It is a unit of measurement used predominantly in Thailand and is used in replace of acres, the unit of measurement typically used in the western world. To put it literally one rai is the same as two fifths of one acre and two and half rai is the same as one acre. Real estate agents such as Phangan Island Property sell areas of land that range anywhere from a ¼ rai to 10 rai and beyond.

Villas Koh-Phangan

Most people find that land with a measurement of a half rai is enough for the average residential building with enough land left over for a small garden with private pool. It all depends on the size of the construction you are intending to build or any other intended uses of the land. Whatever kind of size land you are searching for with the help of the experienced and knowledgeable Phangan Island Property, you will be able to discover you ideal land that is suitable for building your dream property on the stunning island.



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The Island Of Koh Phangan


This Island located in the Gulf of Thailand gets its name from the numerous sand bars offshore surrounding it. The word ‘Ngan’ actually means sand bar in the southern Thai dialect. Its population is concentrated along its coastline, and over half the island is a designated National Park. It’s no surprise that Koh Phangan has beautiful forests with a rich collection of flora and fauna.

This island is a great tourist attraction not only for its nature but for its abundance of spiritual retreat spots in the form of Buddhist temples scattered all over the island.  It is well known for its festivals such as the Full Moon Party, a monthly dance and music festival.

There are numerous spas, which offer exceptional therapeutic treatments and relaxation to visitors. There are beautiful beaches and clear waters to relax and enjoy the sun and lots of coral reefs and marine life for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Other tourist activities enjoyed here include kayaking and jungle trekking.

The climate is warm all year round and has Koh Phangan has numerous tourists visiting all year round. There is sunshine even during monsoon season from October to mid December. The hot season is from May to September, and the dry season is from Mid December to April. It a beautiful place to visit any time of the year.

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Off-Plan Property Purchase In Thailand


This form of property investment is also referred to as pre-construction real estate acquisition. It involves developers pre-selling properties in order to obtain funds. The customer gains from the appreciation of value in the property attained from the pre- construction stage to the full development stage.

A typical scenario would be buying a property when it is at its planning stage with only the plans and graphical images to look at. Property developers offer relatively low prices to investors at this stage because they need money to start the construction project, as soon as possible. Once the project is completed it can be sold for a huge profit by the investor.

However don’t be hoodwinked by low prices or good looking plans. Before you sign up on and pay for off-plan property check on the reputation of the developer. Ensure that they have a history of successfully completing projects and a high client satisfaction rate.

Check whether all the licenses needed for the property project have been successfully applied for. Since the signing of the Kyoto agreement, environmental awareness is paramount especially when building new structures. Ensure that any environmental impact studies and certificates necessary for the project have been obtained.

Get an independent surveyor to appraise the project to ensure that you are paying the right price. Look at the contract and ensure that there is a clear time frame in place for project completion and look out for any extension clauses.

The price should be clearly outlined with no additional hidden charges and any payment penalties should be well outlined. Lastly ensure that the contract outlines a solution for you if the developer fails to complete the project or is declared bankrupt.

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